500 Quality Apprenticeship Alliance

500 Quality Apprenticeship Alliance

The 500 Apprenticeship Alliance is a new initiative from the Milestone Foundation, aimed at providing 500 young people with a sustainable apprenticeship and an appropriate wage.

In 2015, the British Government pledged to help in the creation and support of 3 million new quality apprenticeship opportunities over the next 5 years. This builds on the 2.3 million positions created under the previous Parliament, to make sure that young people have the skills and expertise that employers require.

Concerning the pledge, former Prime Minister David Cameron was quoted saying:

“As a one nation government, we are committed to supporting 3 million quality apprenticeships over the next 5 years – to help strengthen our economy, deliver the skills that employers need and give millions more hardworking people financial security and a brighter future.”

We support the Government's pledge and are working with our partners to secure and deliver 500 quality apprenticeships. We have created the Alliance to provide sustainable apprenticeship opportunities, with an appropriate wage to 500 young people using our network of partners during 2016. The Alliance intends to maximise employer engagement in the delivery of apprenticeships in order to help drive improvements in success rates, sustainable employment and increased industry activity and acceptance.

The alliance is designed to help build paths for quality apprenticeships with future career opportunities equal to those offered through higher education. We believe it can offer improved and meaningful CSR initiatives, measurable social impact in communities, and innovative pathways to apprenticeships by:

  • Putting life skills first
  • Providing emotional intelligence
  • Providing individual careers guidance
  • Offering innovative apprenticeship paths to sustainable employment

With the offer of quality apprenticeships giving hope and opportunities to more young people, along with the sharing of best practice, we believe that the associated delivery standards will be improved, resulting in increased satisfaction for both the employer and the apprentice.

Pledge your support to the Alliance

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