Battersea Training

Construction Training at Battersea

Directing young people into work through the Battersea Power Station redevelopment.

The Passion Project Logo

Uniting passion
with purpose

The Passion Project helps young people identify a career that matches their interests. By using passion as the motivation for learning and development, the project then empowers individuals into training and employment.

To make this possible, the project creates partnerships. It connects young people to local organisations that match their interests, and matches employers to a highly motivated, emotionally intelligent workforce.

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Diverting young offenders
into employment

Divert is a pioneering initiative seeking to radically change the way the Criminal Justice System handles young offenders.

The programme, run by the Milestone Foundation in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Service, engages with young offenders at the point of police detention, helping them recognise that alternative options are available.

Together we are working to break the cycle of reoffending.

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